Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Gosh Collection - Holographic, Galaxy & More!

I am sure by now most of you have heard that Gosh Holographic is back! And with that a new collection. I really didn't think much of this collection at all from the promo pics here. I already owned Gosh Holographic and nothing else stood out for me.

THEN I SAW THEM IN PERSON!!!!! And OH! MY! GOSH!!!!!! I can not even describe how much I love Galaxy. Amazes me since it is not even a colour I normally am drawn towards. When I saw these in store I made sure to snap some pictures! These were all snapped with my cell so the picture quality is not that great!!!! Sorry!!

I was also surprised that the Gosh Holographic was in its own display. In that display was a top coat, the holographic and then a burgundy colour from the regular stock list. Also were two nail glitters. I dont know if you remember this from last holiday season?

Well, the red and the silver are back and in the display with the three polishes. I don't know what happened to that photo of the display but it seems to have been eaten by my cell phone. 

And since I of course HAD to bring Galaxy home with me, here are my pics of that!

This polish is a brownish, taupe-ish, goldish, greenish colour with insane holographic glitter and insane sparkle and shimmer. It is unlike ANYTHING else I have!


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