Friday, October 19, 2012

Get Naked? Or Get Nude? I Will Stick With Getting Naked!!

So I have heard on and on and on about how amazing the Balm eyeshadows are. I was very interested in seeing them and when I saw they had a Nude pallete , I jumped on it without even opening it up in store! I later started to have buyers remorse worrying it might be too similar to my Urban Decay Naked palette. Now with the holidays coming I figured this would be a great time to compare them for you all as it does make a great gift for a makeup junkie.

Now size wise they are similar. The Naked Palette is a little longer and a bit thicker, while the Balm one is a bit wider. But honestly they are not different enough that size should be a factor. Both are packaged in a hard cardboard palette though Urban Decay's version has a brown velvety coating over it. They both have a large mirror, though the Balm one has a much larger one. My Naked palette came with a double ended eyeliner though it now comes with a full sized eyeshadow brush. The Balm palette comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush. Brush wise the Urban Decay one is a much more luxe brush and is a much  nicer one. I would not use the Balm one personally as I have much nicer brushes, though the Urban Decay one I would use.

Financially, I could argue fairly strongly that either one is a better deal than the other. The american prices are $36.00 for the Balm one and $48 for the Urban Decay version. The big difference though is that Urban Decay gives you twelve FULL SIZED eyeshadows at .05oz where the Balm is only giving you .032 oz per shadow. The Urban Decay one also comes with a mini primer potion that does not come in the Nude Tude palette. So price per oz the Naked palette is a much better bang for your buck ($80/oz vs $94/oz). That being said, if you are like most makeup junkies and never come close to finishing a single eyeshadow, the Balm one is $12 less out of pocket. So the bottom line is really going to be which colours do you like better?

The four lightest shades in each palette:

The four shades in the middle of the palette:

And the four darkest shades in each palette:

There is very little overlap in the two palettes. Here is Stand Offish vs Sin. Very very similar.

Sultry vs Buck. They look more similar in the pan than swatched. Sultry is a darker brown.

Snobby vs Half Baked. Again, very different swatched. Snobby is more matte than Half baked and Half Baked is more of a true yellow gold.

Sophisticated vs Dark Horse. These are very very similar.

And the two black shadows are very different. Serious is a dark matte black where as creep is a lighter shade with silver glitter.

All in all Nude 'Tude tends to be darker shades and has much more in terms of matte colours. Urban Decay has more glitter shades and thus more fall out but the shades tend to be lighter. They are certainly different enough to warrant both though if I had to choose, I would have to stick with the Naked Palette myself!!

Which one of these do you have or do you want? Let me know!


  1. Like a junkie I have the Naked and the Naked 2 and the Balm Nude'tude

  2. We don't get the Balm here but I do have both Naked Palettes and I love them. THere is an MUA Undressed palette which is similar though I've not purchased it to compare xo



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