Friday, October 12, 2012

Ciate Breakthrough Breast Cancer Duo Set

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Duo Set
This dazzling duo have been paired up in aid of leading UK charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Charlotte took inspiration from within the Ciaté Paint Pot family, and simply put a pink twist on two bestselling current shades. They have been exclusively created for the charity and are extremely limited shades sure to become collectables. Pinkaboo, a twinkling pink holographic glitter based on Ciaté bestseller Jewel, alongside Pinkalilly, a glistening pop pink with golden shimmering undertones inspired by Ciaté’s cult colour Twilight. THE CHARITY WILL RECEIVE 20% OF PROFITS FOR EACH KIT SOLD.

This set is £18.00 and available on Ciate's website HERE. Now they DO ship internationally but the shipping fee is very pricey.

That being said, if you order four, the shipping remains the same

So while one set will cost you $77.11 (in US dollars), four sets would only cost you $163.95 making them about 40.00 each and not too unreasonable for 2 polishes. So I would suggest trying to get a group order together to save some money!


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