Friday, October 5, 2012

NARS New York Dolls, Cult Nails Vicious & A England Elaine Swatches/Comparisons

I looked through my stash and honestly had no purple that I could say was a dupe for this one at all. But I had two emails yesterday asking me how it compared to different polishes so those two messages are the basis for the comparisons today. The first request was to compare it to Cult Nails Vicious and the second email was to compare it to Elaine from A England.


Now these are swatched in the EXACT same order they are pictured above. As you can see both colours are darker than New York Dolls. Vicious is a more red based purple and while in these photos New York Dolls looks much much lighter, its really no more than a shade or two lighter. For some reason it photographs MUCH lighter than it is. Its really much darker than this! Elaine is not as grey or dusty but much closer. And again, these are NOT that much darker at all. But New York Dolls is more blue based purple than Vicious and much more of a blue dusty/greyed bright purple than Elaine is. Elaine is much more the true dark purple!


  1. Crrrraaazzy - I just posted on a FB group last night that I was looking in my stash and couldn't find a cream purple and now look at this. This is exactly what I was looking for! I need this NARS!!! Thanks so much:)

  2. @polish jinx is the cult nails close to Julep's Gayle??



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