Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ciate Mini Mani Month Swatches & Review

So I finally got my mini mani month set on Sunday night!!!!!! While I LOVE the set, I am very very disappointed  in the quality of the sets. You already saw the caviar mini bar set and the two messed up brushes. I did take it back to Sephora (or had a friend do it for me) and it took them SIX more messed up sets until they found one that had all four polish bottles with good brushes AND that didn't have crusty polish leaked out and crusted all over the neck of the bottle. THAT'S RIDICULOUS!! And now I get THIS set and low and behold, I have BOTH issues, as well as one that is just missing a label all together.

It even comes with the funnel to pour the beads back in to!!


(this one is in the caviar mini bar set as well as in this set!)


Glass Slipper is the first of the three limited edition colours exclusive to this set. Its a bright royal blue glitter in a clear base.

Here is where the issues start. Cookies And Cream (by process of elimination) has no label at all. None. It may not seem like a big deal but to someone as anal retentive as I am when it comes to my polish stash I am not happy about it. Also, we see the second of the three limited edition exclusives from this set. Magic Carpet Ride, a bright purple glitter in a clear base. It took me far too long to force the lid off and the reason why is that the neck was COVERED in nail polish. Not happy about it. If I had not heard of others with the same issue or heard about that in the caviar mini bar set as well I would assume this was a used and returned polish.

Enchanted Rose is the third of the exclusives in this set. It was a very happy surprise to find out that it was a red and not a pink. I see the name rose and I picture pink, which is funny since the standard for roses is the red rose. But yes, very happy surprise. A bright red glitter in a clear base. I could totally picture myself using this, IF the brush wasn't so messed up. It is a terrible messed up brush that makes application a nightmare. I do not forsee an ability to get back to a Sephora store in the near future at all so it looks like I am stuck with a pretty much UNUSABLE brush. Again, NOT HAPPY!

And here are all of them swatched together. Overall, I think this is a great set at a great value. I would NOT leave the store without opening every bottle though. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT THE MOOLAH, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT CHECKING YOUR POLISHES FIRST!! So while it wont stop me from recommending the set, I must say that I am very disappointed in the lack of quality control put forth by Ciate. A great value should not mean we accept or deal with less than the regular standard of quality.


  1. Such a great array of colours and microbeads, but you're right! Quality should not be less than normal because it's a "set" or you "save" money with this. Such a shame! I once received Ciate - Mojito from Beautybay (not sure whether it was ciate's fault...most probably more so than beautybay) but about 1/4 of the polish in the bottle was missing! Not happy !!

  2. i would contact the company directly, explain you are too far to get back to sephora and there is a problem, they might send u a new brush or somethng.

  3. It's such a shame because this is a gorgeous set! Thanks for the awesome review!

  4. This is really cute but definitely a shame that the quality control is low. Can you cut those few rogue bristles off the Enchanted Rose brush? =/

  5. I had the same issues. Gross brushes and what I assume is spilled polish. I was so excited to get this and the quality made me never want Ciate again. Most of the bows were messed up, and I know it's not important but if you put in on the package you better make sure they look fine.

  6. NOOOOO why why why we don't have the same in france !!!

  7. I'm gutted that my set was missing the sun dance pearls and had 2 bottles of halo polish instead. Also have 4 bottles with no bows on and my cookies and cream also had no label what so ever. I think the set is ok, I'd never buy another one or recommend it to anyone else, it was my first experience with the brand and to be honest I get better polish from Australis which is a local Australian brand and cheap as chips



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