Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Zoya True Collection - Available January 13th


  1. What pretty colors! I don't care much for Oho and Farah...nude colors don't look great on my skin, but the rest I love!

  2. Bevin, Skylar, Tru and Lotus are on my list!

  3. This was embargoed info from Zoya and wasn't supposed to be posted until January 1st. :/

  4. I was emailed the info from another blogger. The info is already online in many places. What a company especially as big as ZOYA needs to know is that once the info is in cyberspace (even for a moment) you cant take it back.

    I didnt know when I posted it that the info wasn't meant to get out, but like it or not, it IS out.

  5. I never knew about the drama before I posted. I have heard tons of backlash from people, but not once has Zoya contacted me or asked me to remove it. So honestly, I have no idea what all the insanity is about. I got these emailed to me, I posted them, and have not heard anything from Zoya since. They KNOW its posted here, as its been mentioned on their facebook.



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