Friday, December 30, 2011

Julep Mystery Boxes - Retail Value NOT What Promised!

OK. Julep was selling mystery boxes right before Christmas. The boxes were priced at 19.99 and were said to be valued at $60-$200. I bought a box for the fun of it, KNOWING I was getting the smallest box possible! I KNOW my own luck, so I was completely and one hundred percent ready and waiting for my 60.00 box. So you all know, there were NO 60.00 boxes.

I DID get the smallest box possible, but it was not even close to 60.00 value.

So far looks exciting, doesn't it?

The Lip Gloss is in the colour called Arousal. I will never use it, my mom already has it, so someone is getting it as a gift!

Close up of the colours!

And to show the difference in size from the full size scrubs and lotions to the ones in the box, here is the comparison!

Now as to pricing. Remember - This is the SMALLEST box you could get. No one got a box smaller than this!

POSSIBLE - 93.00

Now, I didn't get the largest box possible, but many people posted pictures online. I "borrowed" and by borrowed I mean stole a picture of the largest box that has yet to be seen off of the Julep Facebook Page. Her name was Debbie! Lucky girl!!!

POSSIBLE - 218.00
(plus the pot of glitter!)

So, my big question, is why the heck are so many people grumbling and complaining on the facebook page for what they got? "Julep, you suck! You lied to us! You gave us MORE than we bargained for" ??? REALLY???


  1. lol love this!! i totally agree with you. its ridiculous and people are acting like babies!

  2. I got the same sized box that you did, and I was THRILLED. There were three colors I probably wouldn't have chosen on my own, but I loved them all. I was so happy with the quantity for the low price tag!

  3. Did you post this on the page...I'm sure you did. I don't get it either. People really need to get over it. I guess they were expecting all the color available for $19.99!!! Good Job!!!

  4. Perhaps polish fumes are getting to some of us...

  5. I got the same box as you however I didn't receive that light pink which makes me supper jealous, it's so cute!!

  6. LOL too funny!!!!! Gotta love the Julep trolls and haters. People are just miserable in general and like to complain! I loved the mystery box offer and I hope Julep does it again in the future!! <3

  7. while i wish i had gotten your colors (i'm still cool b/c a surprise is a surprise and they weren't reject colors, just not as suited to me), i totally agree with your math!



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