Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tropical Colours - Julep Resort Collection for 2012

So here we go. There are supposed to be five new colours released every single month for the Year 2012. January's resort collection looks fantastic! I own NOTHING like Leah! I have no greens even remotely similar so that one is a happy edition to my collection. And Megan SCREAMS my name as loudly as any polish really can! Both of those are en route to me via the Julep Maven It Girl Box for January. I know Maria will be ordered the moment I can and Maya and Heather will depend on what the swatches look like!

Cant wait to play with them in PERSON!!!

Which ones do YOU have on the way to you? Or are you lemming for???


  1. I have Megan and Leah on their way, as well as a yellow that isn't from the resort collection. :)

  2. yellow? blake? i assume if you have megan and leah, then you also have the bright orange creme hayden on route? thats whats in my it girl box! I love Hayden, I just wish I didnt already have it! LOL!

  3. Of course Heather is my favorite of this group. =)



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