Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nerd Lacquer from bystringtheory

I just got my first order from Amanda, the AMAZING creator of Nerd Lacquer and I am in LOVE!!! So much so that I just had to ask her a few questions. Here is our chat! 

ME: Is there anything you want my readers to know about your brand?

AMANDA:  Most of the relevant info you'd need can be found in each of the product descriptions. But if you wanted additional info about the line as a whole -- I'm making these with two primary things in mind: 

A) It's hard to find my favorite kind of polish -- lots of glitter, contrasting sizes and colors of glitters, *in a good base*! I'm all for layering, but it's so nice to have a polish that's sheer enough you can use it as an accent coat, but has enough pigment, shimmer, and glitter that you can wear it on its own without having to do four coats to get opacity.

And B) When other companies make themed polish sets or do "inspired by" series, it's always some kind of floofy cutesy cartoon-princess-glamour thing. And hey, Star Wars nerds like glitter, too. Not to name names, but a Muppets-based series doesn't interest me at all...though I'd go out of my way to buy something inspired by Doctor Who. Apparently I'm not the only one!

ME:  What is YOUR favourite colour (either specific nail polish colour or colour family) to put on your nails? Or do you not have one? 

AMANDA: TEAL. Omg, teal for EVERYTHING. Sofa? Teal. Favorite sneakers? TEAL. Favorite scarf? Teaaaal. Towels? Teal.

So, yeah. I like anything in the blue-green range. Also silvers/greys. My fave/ most-worn shades of NerdLacquer? Event Horizon, Don't Blink, Antisocial Media, and I also love Hyperspace Bypass. It's so rare to find a true yellow polish that's truly wearable!

ME:  When did you make your first polish? What colour was it?

AMANDA: I've been "adjusting" nail colors for as long as I can remember. But only recently has my polish fixation intensified to a point that I started thinking up shades that should exist, but don't. My first true multi-ingredient franken was probably August? Made a few for fun, sent them to friends, friends went nuts, "you should sell these," chaos ensued. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of experience, but I've got decades of polish hoarding behind me, I'm a veteran painter (everything from nail lacquer to models to interior latex enamels to artist's acrylics and watercolors), and I'm a graphic designer by day so I'm pretty adept with color in general.

ME: Is there a new collection in the works?

AMANDA: Oh are you kidding me? Of couuuurse there is. Dude, I have a googledocs spreadsheet with new trios planned -- named, designed, partially formulated -- through next May, at a rate of a new set about every 2-3 weeks. Some amazing new pigments and glitters to work with, and some great colors unlike anything I've currently got. Soon as I plow through some of my current open orders, I'll work on getting the first batches of the new trio mixed up. I hope to have them launched in a week or so, but NerdLacquer is apparently a popular holiday gift, so I'm a little pressed for time...

ME: One last question, I promise. Will any shades be discontinued or limited edition? Or will past colours be always available? Translated - are there any colours I have to hurry up and get so I dont miss out on?

AMANDA: Right now, I'm doing okay maintaining stock of all the colors I've got, so I don't currently have plans to discontinue anything. Though, ask me again in a couple of months when I'm at about 40 shades instead of 28...

Limited editions are a possibility, but I'd definitely mark them as such when I release them. But really, if I can make one batch, why couldn't I continue making more? So something would probably be "limited edition" only if it uses pigments or glitters that're extremely difficult to get my hands on, or that get discontinued and I can't source elsewhere.

Thanks again! Can't wait to see your posts!


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  1. Great post! I love Nerd Lacquer, I am always stalking the etsy shop, but I haven't bought any yet. lol.



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