Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deborah Lippmann for Juicy Couture - INSANE PRICE!!!

I posted earlier in the year that Juicy Couture was partnering with Deborah Lippmann to come out with some limited edition holiday sets. I really wanted the precious metals set but was unwilling to spend 50.00US (though a great deal still for 3 full size Lippmann colours) when I couldn't see them in person. I almost bought them many times, and each time stopped myself. NO LONGER!!! I ordered the precious metals set, and will show you why right now!!

And with the site rotating between 20% off and 30% 
off codes, two sets can be pruchased for 

The second set I would have purchased if I didn't already own two of the colours. The third colour is not limited edition either so the only thing about the set that makes it "special" is the outer box. That being said, I got the set for my mom as its a great deal if you don't have any of the colours yet! So both sets are en route to me!

Oh, and if you are curious, they look really different in the pictures but the gold colour with the lipgloss is the same limited edition gold flakie that is in the precious metals set!


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