Friday, December 16, 2011

Essence Collection & Swatches

We in Canada don't have Essence Polishes. So the meetme@holografics collection was something I had never even HEARD of before. Then, today, I open a box from Sheila over at The Pointless Cafe and am smacked in the face with an entire box of awesome. Seriously people, I still haven't quite gotten over that big RAOK I was sent a few weeks back, and then a few days ago SimplyStar from The Pink Pop Shop sent me an amazing gift along with my Edge of Glory set I had ordered and now this box today! I seriously am having a hard time not changing my polish TWICE A DAY!

So after googleing these polishes to see what they were ( I had truly never heard of them before!) I find out there five polishes in this set. I WILL somehow track down the last two if it kills me! Now before I show you swatches, be warned they are NOT holographic. You think they might have re-thought that name!

The collection consists of  5 colours. C01 Gagalectric , CO2 lil @ c, CO3 blue ray, C04 Prism @ tic white, and CO5 holoberry. I got Gagalectric, Blue Ray, and Prism@tic White.

Gagalectric is a sheer purple polish with an icy blue duochrome effect. The following swatches are with three coats. Dry time was fast, and well, they are all just gorgeous. This is slightly more feminine and "pretty" than I would normally wear, but I have a few formal events to go to soon and I really was lacking something to wear. So this one will be PERFECT!!

Prism@tic White is a sheer white polish with the same icy blue duochrome effect. The pictures are taken with 3 coats and its gorgeous. Its got more depth to it than the other pearly colours I have such as Chanel Pearl Drop and Chanel Intermezzo. 

Last but certainly not least is my favourite of the three I got. Blue Ray is a dark purple/deep blue shiimmer/Teal duochrome. It doesn't have a strong duochrome effect but the sutbtle purple to blue to teal is AMAZING!  Its basically a perfect blurple! This one I only used two coats! 


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