Monday, December 26, 2011

Beauty, Fashion & Pepper Spray

Here in Canada we Canadians celebrate Boxing Day the day after Christmas. Essentially it is our version of Black Friday. The day all the stores open at the crack of dawn with INSANE prices, no parking spots ANYWHERE, and the craziest people on earth.

I hate malls. But I decided to brave the mall for a few items. What do I get in return? PEPPER SPRAYED!! Ok, I personally didnt get pepper sprayed. I was in the area where someone did and boy did it hurt! 3 people were sent to the hospital by ambulance, but thankfully I was ok after about 15-20 minutes of hacking, choking and tears pouring out of my eyes. To the J*CK *SS who thought it was a good idea to spray pepper spray in a crowded store - YOUR A JERK!!!

Bah. Anyways, I did survive, cranky and tired. And I got a few things too!!

I am desperately in need of dresses! I have so many weddings, bat mitzvahs, and events coming up and I own NOTHING that will work!! I had little luck in the dress department, but I did find this cute one at the Esprit store! Now I just need to find a cute little shrug or bolero to go over top. Maybe in gold?

Then Bath and Body Works. I have NEVER EVER EVER shopped there before, and truthfully never even tried their products until a care package was brought to me recently with an antibacterial hand lotion in it. I do however love both baths and candles, and the sale was really really great. Like 50%, 75% and 90% off items.  So I bought a bit......

And my entire Bath and Body Works haul all together:

And I went to LUSH, but I actually restrained myself. I was literally the FIRST person in the store (I got there at 10 minutes too and there was no line, by the time the store opened ten minutes later the line was down the mall corridor) and they had only TWO 500ml Snow Fairy Shower Gels in the entire store!! What the heck is that about??!!? But I am the one who got the two! Also, as I feared they had NO wands at all. And I talked myself out of the soap, though I may really regret not getting at least a bar or two of the Candy Cane Soap.

Anyways, that was my boxing day. I hope to never ever ever repeat it! How bout you? Did you get any great scores? Wonderful experiences? Or did you snap and pepper spray someone?

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