Monday, December 19, 2011

Julep December Box Reveal

So this is a very late post but you will shortly see why. I get the American Beauty Box, my mom gets the Classic With A Twist box. Since I already had Helena and my mom had just purchased Salma (another bright red) we swapped boxes. My box came nice and pretty:

Look how pretty her gold stars are! I eagerly awaited HER box for myself. And I waited. And I waited. And right before I was about to give up and call Julep to tell them my box went missing, look what shows up:

I guess we now know WHY it was delayed. They forgot to put the postal code on. The two polishes ordered around this time never showed up either, and I am now guessing that they too were probably missing postal codes. But it did finally arrive. And when I looked inside I went back to disappointment.

I dont know if you can tell from the box that there are what look like oil stains or wet marks,  but the box was all mucky inside.

Half the bag was wet and greasy. I folded over the bag so you could see the wet vs the dry parts of the bag. The culprit was this:

a now half empty tub of body crème. Now I have no idea HOW, but somehow there was lotion in the little tub of glitter too! Still cant figure THAT one out!

It did however come with pretty polishe and a top coat. A red I wasn't even expecting to like. But I do. And it will be my first manicure on January 2nd when I go back to work!

Now Julep was great when I called and are reshipping me a new glitter pot and lotion. And the half tub I gave to a friend to try out. So its not really a bad outcome, but still disapointing.


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