Sunday, December 4, 2011

Superpoints - Ten Days Later

So its been ten days since I signed up for Superpoints and asked my fellow readers to sign up. Ten days in, how do I feel?

Let me start with an explanation for those who do not know what Superpoints is. SuperPoints is an invitation-only network. Once invited, you can earn points everyday by clicking on the Super Lucky Button, getting referrals, signing up, watching videos, and more! You can then redeem these points for gift cards, cash, prizes, and so much more! But............... Does it work?

Well, let me start by saying, I sure as heck dont have time to sit and fill out survey after survey, and I don't have the money or inclination to spend my hard earned money on stupid deals and trials to win a few points. So for me, points will come from: referrals, the button, and watching a 2 min video if available.

Is it easy to get points.............. YES!! I am stunned to say this, but yet. Everyday you get an email with free points. Between 1-10. I click on that every day (3 seconds of my life) and I click the button. Now when you fill out the basic information and upload a picture, you can become gold status (referring two friends - remember, it takes 2 minutes to sign up, so I guarantee you can find 2 friends willing to do this!). That means not only do you get the points when YOU click the button, you get points when your FRIENDS click the button!

This was actually taken last night and I am not at 576! points!

Here is a screen shot of my page. In ten days I already have 550 points!! And as you get more people to sign up, you get more points daily as they are clicking the button to! I am not averaging 40-50 points a day. That means that at this current point I am earning a 5.00 paypal or amazon card every TEN DAYS!!! I am completely floored, stunned, amazed, you name the word! I will try to update you guys every week or so to see if I still feel the same, but at this point I am hooked. A few minutes each day and FREE money! And that translates into FREE NAIL POLISH for me to review for you! Lippmanns, Butter London, and Nails Inc are just a few of the brands you can buy on amazon!

So go sign up please! Sign up, make sure to at least fill out the basic survey and start making free money now!

These links will only work once, so if this link doesnt work, click on the one below! (This one is worth FIFTY POINTS INSTEAD OF 25!!!)

If the above link didnt work, try this one!

Yet another one to try!

If you  These links all get used, I will post more! Make sure to keep me updated with a little note as to how you are doing earning points!!!


  1. None of the invites work. I'd like to sign up, but I'd prefer to do it when I'm helping someone else too :-)

  2. Im updating the links now. Try again in five minutes and they should be working.

    Its amazing. Im over 1200 points now!

  3. And the top one is worth a BONUS 25 points! so it will get you FIFTY points to sign up!

  4. The 50 point code expires later tonight, so if you want that one, do it TODAY. The 50 point bonus invites have a lifespan of only 36 hours! BUT, the other two will be good after that!

  5. Ok, for those of you that have signed up. Every day superponits will email you free points. 1, 2, 5, 10, or 25! Make sure to claim them (takes 2 seconds). If you can get 2 friends to sign up to help you out, you can get 50 instead of 25 button clicks a day. DO THIS! Its nothing more than free points! I uploaded a pic that was not of my face, and though ti says it has to be a face pic, it worked.

    Also, if you can get 5 friends to sign up and fill out basic info, even if they dont play (though they should. its super easy and its free money) you get ONE HUNDRED button clicks a day.

    And every person who you get to sign up is an extra 25 points too!



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