Friday, December 30, 2011

Bath & Body Works Candles - Take Two!

So I showed all you guys my BBW haul from boxing day. I regretted not getting a few more candles, so I ran back and picked up a few more! As it turns out, I was completely and totally out of all other candles, so I feel less guilty about it now! If you will recall, last time I picked out these 1.6 oz candles:

Caramel Apple, Sticky Toffee Pudding, French Carmel Cake, Homemade Cookies, Apple Crumble and Frosted Cupcake. This time I purchased Salty Caramel, Cranberry Woods, Cranberry Cider, Twisted Peppermint, Mint Chocolate and Spiced Apple Toddy.

Now I am still in the middle of a burn test with the candles, (as you can see the cupcake one is more used than not used! I will update with my results then. I will say they really don't let off a lot of SCENT. That being said, they are tiny candles so I was not expecting a big noticeable difference!

They are STILL 3 for 5.00 (or 3 for 4.50 if like me you bought the yellow tote bag!) so I would run and get some if you haven't already! I am trying to convince myself not to go back and get another 3 or 6 as there were at least 3 more I really wanted! They have at least 20 different scents!

Now the thing I hate is the storage concern. How do you store them so they are out of site, yet easily accessable and dont look all cluttered? Well I got quite a few gifts from Sephora over the holidays which equalled quite a few Sephora gift boxes. (I actually went into Sephora and asked for an extra box as I wanted 4 and only got 3!) Sephora gift boxes not only are free, but they are a hard cardboard coated cardboard with a MAGNET closure! And they look great on a shelf! 

And then, sitting nice and closed on the shelf, the clutter is GONE! I also have all my soaps (think lush, soap factory, etc) in one, my lush bubble bars in another, and I have a fourth (needed it for symmetry) that will find a use I AM SURE!!


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