Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First (But Not Going To Be My Last) Lynderella Order Swatched

Lynderella may now be available for sale on the llarowe website but that is a very new development. When I ordered these, there was no where but her blog to purchase them and Lynn did NOT sell to Canada. So myself and a friend got together with an American to order. When the order came she had thrown in an extra bottle of Mercury's Rainbow as a thank you for our order (I THINK 10 or 11 polishes in total). The Mercurys Rainbow was split into three mini OPI bottles so we could all have some of it. That is why you will see the funny tiny bottle next to the normal ones.

Just so you know, all swatches are done 2 coats of the polish on its own, and one coat over a black crème (Gosh Nero as always!)

Snow Angel is a milky white base with round, hexagonal, and square white glitter. This polish is from her The First Edition collection. It is very much a winter wonderland kind of polish, and I now need to run out and buy a white creme polish to use under this. Black does not do this polish justice!!!

Bride Of Franken is from the Early Halloween collection. This polish has vivid blue blue multi-sized glitter with holographic rainbow dust, pink and blue sparks in a sheer, lavender base. It really is very pretty and unique. This has such a strong purple/blue duochrome feel and I LOVE IT! 

Mercurys Rainbow is a gorgeous polish consisting of a clear base filled with holographic glitter, and gunmetal glitter. Its so unique because while the glitter is HIGHLY INSANELY holographic, its larger round glitter, which is not something I have ever seen holographic before. This one is also from the First Edition Collection

Gotta Love Brains is such an interesting colour with so much depth. It is a grey base with pink shimmer. Then, the glitter is silver, holographic, and pastel pink and blue in square, bar, hexagonal and round glitter! It is also from the Early Halloween collection. 


  1. Ooooh! Brains is my fave! So milky and squishy!

  2. Just wanted to let you know you have Mercury's Rainbow, not Mercurial :)



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