Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Better Than Black Friday or Boxing Day! A PENNY for A Box of Julep!!!

Ok, I am sure you are all sick and tired of hearing me talk about Julep and Julep Maven. But every time I am chatting online with someone I still hear "I haven't tried the brand yet" REALLY??????? WHAT?????? A penny for a box of polish isn't enough incentive yet?? Let me show you all what the current boxes look like.

One of these boxes is yours! Or could be yours. If you are willing to spend a PENNY to get one. How to get one of these Julep boxes for a penny. NO further obligation required! YOU GOTTA TRY THESE!!

How to get YOUR box for a penny


  1. How long will this promo be going on? (Also, I need to tell EVERYONE I know about it!)



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