Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finger Paints Special Effects Swatches

Oh wow! Was this insanity to get! I've been calling Sally's Beauty EVERY SINGLE day asking if they are in yet. Today, YES! They are in! YAHOO!! I run down to the store and they aren't out yet. Still in the back. And almost completely GONE! I got all 5, plus another set of all minus Twisted for my mom, and then I managed to get one more for one of my Secret Cupid gifts I have (I am sending two nail polish Secret Cupid gifts out). That was EVERY one they had! Ten. That's it. BAH!!! I need to track down another Twisted for my mom and at least one other one for my Cupid. There is one more store in the city and they haven't unboxed them yet! So hopefully I will get them!

These are so hard to photograph! WOW!!! But here is my best shot. They really are so much brighter and move vibrant in person!

Flashy is probably the one that was least exciting, at least for me as far as flakies go. It’s a  red to orange to yellow flake. While I do not own Nails Inc The Donmar or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure I think this is probably very close.

Motley is a green and blue flakie. I will have to compare it to Nfu-Oh 50 & The Wyndham Collection by Nails Inc but they are certainly at least similar. Since I have switched back to my other SLR (I have no idea why I haven't been using this one all along) I should be able to get better shots since it has a macro setting!

Asylum is predominantly red and blue flakies but it has an almost holographic effect that shows flashes of purple and green as well. I was expecting to NOT get this one at all for myself but its actually my favourite of the bunch! Who would have thunk it? 

Flecked is really only one colour of flakie. A bright and vibrant green. If you look really hard and adjust you can see the odd shot of blue in it, but essentially it is a green only flakie.

Twisted is the one I THOUGHT would be my favourite. I will have to swatch it next to Cult Nails Unicorn Puke at some point because that is what this reminds me of on. Its red, blue, green, orange and a bit of gold and purple as well. Its actually my least favourite! Just goes to show you, you NEVER KNOW without seeing lots of swatches and playing around with them!

And now on to the fun part! The Swatches!!!! In order from left to right are Flashy, Motley, Asylum, Flecked and Twisted.


  1. Awesome swatches as usual! My Sally's won't sell them until Jan 1. I'm getting there an hour before they open the doors! :) I feel like such a stalker but they're flakies!

  2. Be Careful Katy! I was told the same thing. But since all the posts have been showing up I keep calling asking and today was told they were in the back but could be purchased! I bought the last ten bottles they had! They sold out THAT quick! Its a good thing I ignored them and kept calling.

    There are only two Sallys in my city. The other one I called today (still need two more of the flakies) but they hadnt dug them out of the boxes in the back yet!

    Also, make sure to use your 5.00 of 25.00 purchase coupon! If you dont have one, I posted it today!

  3. WOW!!! Great post, thanks for sharing!!

  4. OH I am soooo jealous!! I want these sooooo badly :)



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