Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Days of Nerd Lacquer - Day One - Don't Blink!

The first star of my 12 Days of Nerd Lacquer is Don't Blink. I seriously can not tell you enough how much I love this colour! When my box came with the first 12 I ordered (I say first 12 because I am working on my second order now!) I immediately got out my swatch wheels and went to town. While the formula on all of them was good, this was the one that I loved the most. Everything about it! The colour, formula, how opaque it was, dry time, you name it! I am on two full days of this one and so far no tip wear! LOVE IT!!

Don't Blink is described as a stone grey creme with silver and charcoal glitter, silver microglitter, and big silver hex glitter. Quite opaque in two coats, and extremely smooth with a single layer of top coat. Now my bottle is a grey crème (think Illamasqua DWS) with silver and what looks to my eyes to be a blue glitter. Maybe it is charcoal but it definitely leans blue) and has small silver microglitter as well. it also has both larger hex glitter and larger round glitter. Unlike many glitters this one dried fairly smooth, the larger hex and round glitters dried flat on the nail and it was completely smooth to the touch after one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast. Unlike many glitter polishes that tend to eat the top coats over time, even now two days later, my polish feels smooth to the touch!

The above swatches are done with one coat over Gosh Nero ( a plain basic black crème), one coat over Gosh Miss Grey (a plain grey crème) and one coat on its own on the far right.

And here is something I very rarely do. Here are some action shots of me wearing this. Forgive the crap-tastic pictures. I took them with my blackberry!

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  1. Layering on a grey creme is sooo pretty!!I will have to get this in full size!!soo pretty!!I used to have an Anna Sui (heart shaped bottle)they are discontinued =[ and now I only have half a bottle at home!!It is very similar to this one if I layer it on a pruple i think!!:P



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