Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Julep Jodie Swatches and Review!

The colour Jodie is found under the pinks, but described as a Shimmery, burnt copper. Jewelry in a bottle. So I phoned to ask and was told it was a pinky, orangy, reddish copper. I truly had NO idea what to expect. It is GORGEOUS! Metallic, but not very streaky (you do have to be careful, but its not bad), coppery, but with a burgundy tinge. its stunning. So perfect for winter, but equally summery I think! I LOVE THIS! Opaque in one coat, though you may want to do two to make sure its even and streak free. I definitely say RUN and get this one before its gone for good! As soon as a few bloggers get a hold of this and start swatching, I think it will FLY off the shelves!


  1. Girl, that is NOT pink! If it's listed under pink, I would have never found it. It's pretty!

  2. Yes. I regularly check to see what is new and what is gone (there are only 12 permanent colours. As soon as I get verification on which are the 12 Ill let everyone know!). I saw it in the pinks and it didnt look pink!

    So everyone, look in pinks even if you hate pinks!

  3. This reminds me of a rose gold. It's gorgeous.



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