Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Nerd Lacquer - Day Eleven - I Think You Call Me...Sexy

I can not even begin to describe what a brilliant royal blue base this polish has. Absolutely stunning. This is one of my favourite colours in the world. This shade of blue, teals and purples.

Amanda describes this one as a brilliant royal blue with silver, iridescent, and holographic glitter, plus large silver hexagonal glitter and I must say, shes right on the money. Quite opaque at two coats, or great as a single layer over your favorite dark polish is stated on the website, but I think you would need three coats for full opacity.

I like the one coat over black, but my favourite is the one coat over the blue in the centre. Thre is just so much depth and interest in this polish, if you are ordering from the store, I think this is one of the must have colours.


  1. I totally agree. This is definitely a must-have from them. Love that blue!!!



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