Monday, December 5, 2011

Nail Polish Organization and Storage

So I have been asked many times how I store my nail polish. Its getting kind of insane. But after seeing a few friends collections and realizing that by leaving Chanel, Dior and NARS in the boxes, it was much easier to see what colour was what. BUT............ what about Julep and Butter London??

So first up is my drawer one. Easy enough to organize annd see exactly what colour is what. I wish all my drawers were THAT easy to organize!

Drawer two is where the issues start. Not sure what I am going to do about the cult nails polishes yet, but at look at the Butter Londons! I painted the top of the cover with the polish so I can see exactly what colour is what in the drawer! Easy Peasy!

Drawer Three here, is the one that stresses me out the most. Too much of odds and ends! Seriously stresses me out! I am not built to deal with odds and ends. I need nice clean organized rows! As you can see, once again, I painted the tops of all my Julep bottles so I know what colour is what and I don't have to pull them all out to find the one I want!


  1. Nice organization. I never thought to use dresser drawers. I want a Helmer, but maybe if I don't get it, I will try an old dresser.

    And good idea to paint the tops of the Julep polishes. They are so awkward to store!

  2. I just have to find a method for my cult nails. Unlike butter london and julep, they dont have an outer cap, so i dont know yet how to polish the top of them! maybe scotch tape!

  3. I love how you painted the tops of your polishes to see what colors they are! You are so organized =) I was organized....a few hundred polishes ago! ugh! Time to reorganize for me!

  4. with only 400 polishes, its still not too hard to stay organized! give me a year and see where i am!



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