Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glitter Gal Polishes In Frappe, Green & Copper

There are a few amazing brands out of Australia that I have been hearing about, and hearing about, and hearing about. Ozotics, Picture Polish & Glitter Gal have been all over the blogosphere recently and everytime I decided to break down and buy some to try I had 2 major problems. Which brand to try first, and which colours to get. There are seriously so many it made my head spin. I normally have no problem looking at a brands selection and deciding which ones I want. And which ones to try first (purple and teal and grey of course!). But these three brands just overwhelmed me. So I was so beyond thrilled to get these three as gifts! 

These are just the 3D colours!!! See why I was so confused??? And that is just the Glitter Gal polishes! But then I got these amazing babys:

Can you SEE all that holographic-goodness? Frappe, Green and Copper. Frappe is a pale purple, Green is a silver, and Copper is a red. If you think that is bizarre, wait til you see why it took me half an hour to figure out which colour purple, pink, black and taupe were for the next blog post I show you!

Frappe - Frappe is a pale lavender holographic colour. And this is a colour where you dont lose the holographic goodness on the nails. The formula was on the thinner side, but not runny or hard to work with, These swatches are with two thin coats, but three would be needed for opacity on the nail. The brush on all three of these was thinner than I would prefer, but flexible and held a good amount of polish without holding too much.

Green - Green is silver holo that is INSANELY holographic! Though this is clearly a silver base, there are flashes of green depending on how the light catches the nail. This polish is the same thin but not runny formula of Frappe, though as a darker colour two coats did give enough coverage to warrant skipping coat three.

Copper - Copper is another one with a misleading name. Its a red holo but not too red. More like a golden tinged, orangey pinky kind of red. Very hard to accurately describe, but again, insanely holographic. This one is of the same consistency of the other two and will be opaque in two coats.

Now the biggest issue I face with these polishes is do I get more, or do I try out some ozotics and picture polish first? After shipping and taxes and customs and duties and any other charges that I am sure will be thought up next, these come to almost 20.00 each. So unfortunately, its not one of those brands where I can go on a big binge all at once!


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