Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Most Amazing RAOK!!

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I organize a holiday gift exchange 4 or 5 times annually. From Secret Santas, Secret Cupids, Secret Easter Bunnies, A Summer RAOK, Secret New Years Date, etc. In general, when one round comes to an end, I have another one starting up! This time around I did not participate as I was unsure if I would be up and about fast enough after the surgery to be able to shop around. The exchange usually has between 60-80 gifts moving all over the world with people from Australia, Singapore, Japan, England, Bulgaria, Canada, USA, and many more countries participating. My mom played on my behalf and her lovely wonderful match sent me my much coveted Noir Celeste that I had given up ever owning.

Then, Friday night I got a package in the mail that BLEW my mind!!!!!!!!! SEVEN girls who take part in the exchange got together behind my back to set up a massive surprise. I have NO IDEA how they managed to arrange and coordinate the gift, but they did!!! In the gift was all of the following:

Illamasqua - Vice, Taint & Faux Pas

Butter London Bluey & Knees Up (second set gifted to me, and I am so thrilled! Definitely back up colour worthy!! 

And if that wasnt enough, Chanel Rouge Carat

But wait, theres more! The two Le Metier de Beaute Sets I showed you all last night!!

Now thats all pretty amazing, but thats not even CLOSE to all of it!!!! Look at these Cult Nail Stunners! Including the coveted Unicorn Puke!!! Enigmatic, Hypnotize Me, In a Trance and Awakening! 

A Magnetic Polish - Now I dont have to ask my mom for permission to borrow hers!!

Dior Swan Lake!!! I know!! This was the box with no bottom!!!

And last, but certainly not least, Nfu Oh 50!!

Look how cute the card was!!

The tshirt a bunch of the polishes came wrapped in

And a Group Shot

To the seven lovely ladies who put this together for me, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Words can not express how much I appreciated this gift, how much joy I got from this gift, or how much fun I will have for a very long time using all these goodies! 

And to my lovely readers, look out for tons of reviews and swatches of all these gorgeous colours!!! 


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