Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nfu-Oh 50 & The Wyndham Collection by Nails Inc Comparisons and Swatches

I know these dont look very similar, but like me, you will be surprised. Let me start with the Nails Inc polish as I had it first.

My biggest issue with this polish is that you have to buy it as a set. $20.00 isn't to bad for 2 polishes, in fact, to be honest its still less than the cost of most of my individual polishes. That being said, I had no need or want for the Teal Black Kensington. It is not that its not a nice polish. Its pretty and the formula was good, but I have enough similar colours. Its a dark teal almost black base, and then it comes with the Wyndham Overglaze Top Coat.

A gorgeous blue green flakie top coat. Or at least that is what it is supposed to be. It seems to be more green and less blue-green. I see very little blue on my nails and in fact got many a comment about it being a perfect "Christmas" colour. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but not exactly what the Jewish girl wants to hear!

Next up, the new Nfu-Oh 50 that I got recently in that INSANE gift.

Nfu-Oh 50 is a blue/teal/green flakie in a slightly pinkish-purple jelly base. Once layered, the base does'nt show up at all and seems to have little to no effect on the outcome of the polishes final look. This is very very similar to the nails inc one, though this one shows up much much more of the blue effect in the polish when the light hits it! Though the blue was almost impossible for me to catch! The flakies are also slightly larger in this one than the Nails Inc version.

Now, to show you side by side comparisons, the order of the polishes is the nails inc duo, then the nails inc base coat with Nfu-Oh 50 over top, followed on the right by Nfu-Oh 50 over black.

My favourite by far is the far right one, the Nfu Oh over black. Even in these photos you can just see how much more vibrant the colours are! Also, as you can tell, the nails inc one on the right is much more of a "christmas" green flakie with a touch of blue. The Nfu-Oh one is more of a greeny teal colour that kind of fades into the blue! 


  1. Do you find that Nfu tends to peel off the nail? Just I've had this problem with their holos and thought I would ask if this one did the same before buying it, thanks. The one on the right is the nicest x

  2. Are you using the aqua base with the holo? My best suggestion with holos is to use no base. I know it goes against logic but I find no vase solves the issue. And wait between coats a good few minutes.

    I found no wear issues with ANY of my Nfu oh flakies



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