Friday, December 16, 2011

Pure Ice Busted & Oh Baby! Swatches

I have never heard of Pure Ice polishes before. I haven't the faintest idea where you can get these, how much these are, if these are limited edition or not. NO INFO! Basically I am here to say "look at the pretty colours!".


Oh Baby!

Both of them swatched over Gosh Nero (a solid black crème)


  1. They're available at Walmart here in the States. =)

  2. See! That drives me nuts! WE HAVE WALMART HERE!! So why would they sell it at walmart there but not here????

    HUH??? You tell me polish companies! I WANT AN ANSWER!!! We Canadians count too!

    1. They run out pretty quick. I have a friend who tells me when the truck comes in with a new supply, after she's pigged out with her load.

      You can always talk to your Walmart's manager and ask them to order some. Usually if you say you want about 3-4 bottles they will order some. Tell them about this blog.

      For the price, (and I can afford and have some expensive nail polishes) this one is the one I am currently raving about. Another one I like is Nubar's Iced Licorice but you can't get that at Walmart.

      I normally do not shop at Walmart but for the Pure Ice "Oh Baby" CP989, I will brave Walmart.

      "Oh Baby" is one of those elegant, understated, says "I don't have to prove anything. I've also had men compliment me on my nails saying, "Your nails look nice." (Again, I'm almost 60 (6 weeks) and my hands look old, not pretty like when I was 20.) Love when a younger man compliments me! Makes my day.

  3. Also they are IMO among the best of the inexpensive polishes.....1.99 here. I have some others I like also, esp under other polishes. The glitters tend to be sparse but some nice creams that I like under other glitters and some with nice shimmer as well as the two you showed which are favorites of mine.

  4. Wow.. these look amazing swatched. Much better then I thought and dreamed they would. They were the last two in stock too.

    They are cheap.. believe it or not. Around $3.00 a bottle.. and they have a pretty vast color range and formula range.

    You can get them at Wal-Mart in the States. ;)

  5. Yeah - only in Walmart here that I know of. $1.99 and I adore them. In addition to those two, you must also get Heartbreaker. Same kind of polish. It's like Oh Baby but in a clear/blue base.

    Also, they have one of the best metallic silvers - Silver Mercedes. A great red, a great Exquis-type color. But their blues and greens are all "a little off" for me.

  6. Pure Ice "Oh Baby" Number 989CP At Walmart. Simple, holographic, iridescent, can be worn alone (which I do) or topper over another darker shade to give additional sparkle. I have had old women, young girls, teenagers, just about every woman I get on the elevator with or pass in a hallway or at the stores, all ask me, "what is the nail polish you are wearing, it's fabulous!" No joke (and again, I just wear it by itself cause it goes with everything) This polish goes on easy, dries quickly, wears well, goes with any color outfit and gives you a clean, sexy look. Love it Love it Love it!!! (and I am 60). As an additional side benefit, unlike the deep purples I use to wear, when this stuff comes off it leaves your nails in nice white condition, not yellow and brittle like the darker shades do. Oh Baby - I'm going out to buy six more, too bad I have to give a bottle to my grand daughter and two nieces that will only leave three for me.

  7. Bari Cosmetics is where you can find Pure Ice polish, as well as A Perfect 10 polish, Love My Nails polish, and Bon Bon polish.



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