Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Letter to Urban Decay

Dear Urban Decay,
I have a few comments and favours I would like to ask you. I really love your products, don't get me wrong,
but I think there are a few issues to deal with. I really hope you understand where I am coming from and can work to improve the issue. Let me first describe who I am as your consumer and how I got introduced to your products. I first heard great stories about how wonderful your primer potion was. I HAD to try it out and I loved it. No, I mean I LOVED it!!! The applicator was a PAIN IN THE BUTT to use, I wasted half the product as I was unable to get the last third of it out of the applicator, but I did love it. It was a go to product of mine. My love of it lead me to your single eyeshadows and blushes. Amazing pigmentation! 

Your single shadows and blushers became staples in my makeup wardrobe. I came late to the party and missed the first Book of Shadows or two and the ebay prices were ASTRONOMICAL and placed them WAY out of my budget, but since bright colour scares me, I'll forgive you for this. The NYC  book of shadows I did catch and while not MY cup of tea, my mom LOVED it and I purchased it for her. 

And thus started HER love affair with Urban Decay. She needed your 24/7 eyeliners, and what better way then one of your great limited edition value sets? We had just missed out on them, but thankfully I was able to find a reasonably priced set on ebay. 

We jumped for joy at the value of the the 15th anniversary eyeliner set. 110.00 for FIFTEEN full sized eyeliners??? Talk about an amazing deal. We BOTH jumped on that one!

Next came the naked palette. So different than anything you had done before and it SCREAMED my name!! I had to have it, and thankfully did not have to be one of the THOUSANDS on a never ending waiting list to get the set (though I am still sad I missed out on the brush). 

Next came more AMAZING news. You were going to do something I never thought possible. Make me fall in love with the primer potion even more than I already did. How is that possible? You LISTENED to us and got rid of the goofy applicator! It was a happy day for us makeup lovers!

If that didn't make us Urban Decay fans happy ENOUGH, or make sure we knew you were actually listening to us, the 15th anniversary eye shadow palette confirmed such. We all have doubles, triples, and quadruples of so many of your colours as you like to repromote, repromote, repromote. But nope. A collection of FIFTEEN NEW COLOURS!!! NO DUPES!!!!!!!!!! ALL BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!!

And once more, we all jumped! Urban decay is listening to us! They are coming out with great new items, great improved items! ALL NEW COLOURS!!!


The new Book of Shadows is announced. Once more, repromotes, a new gimick that we don't want and is just going to cost us more (if we want speakers, we will BUY speakers. stick to makeup please!). This was really a disappointing one, I'll be honest! 

Next up the holiday gift sets for this season. Lots of sets of eyeshadows, pencils, and such, but nothing NEW! Most every colour we junkies have already. And nothing EXCITING! 

And now we hear the big news!! A new Naked Palette!!  But its more or less the same, just warmer tones. I was hoping for an all Matte version, or maybe greys and other non brown neutrals. Maybe pinks? But nope. BORING! And not only are many of the colours repromotes, one of them WAS IN THE FIRST palette. 

Please Urban Decay, PLEASE!!! Bring us something NEW in the new year! Some mattes, an eyeshadow pencil stash of the same value as the 15th Anniversary eyeliner set, or just a new palette that does NOT have repromotes!!! Something, anything to wow me, and send me running to Sephora, or cursing your website for not shipping to me in Canada!! 

Sincerely Yours, 


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