Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of Nerd Lacquer - Day Four - Argentum!

Day Four brings us to Argentum. Seriously now. How much awesomeness can come out of one brand? Apparently if you are Amanda, then every single colour is more awesome than the last! Or at least as awesome. Every single colour is a "WOW" colour!


Argentum is described as having multiple sizes of square and hexagonal silver glitter in a glistening foil-spiked base. Sparkles like pure metal in moonlight. [Ag, 47, 107.8682, transition metal]. It is a greyish silver base with tons of silver glitter ranging from micorglitter to larger round and hex and everything in between!

This colour seems to react to the base colour if you use one and rally looks like a different polish on each base. Swatched first, one coat over black (gosh nero) then one coat over grey (gosh miss grey) then two coats on its own.

stock photo from website

stock photo from website


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