Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Holiday Gifts at Great Holiday Prices from Amanda at Bystringtheory!

So I already showed you a preview of the wonderful colours I ordered from Amanda over at Bystringtheory. I am still anxiously awaiting my order (Its international shipping and Canada Post sucks, this is NOT a complaint about Amanda!!). Until I get the order and can start the swatches, I thought I would show you some great gift ideas she has up there!

Holiday NerdBot Eight-Pack Extravaganza $66.00
The box is lined with bubble wrap to keep bottles from shifting in transit, and the NerdBot comes nestled into the center. Please note that the NerdBots have an unpredictable AI, and might have dance parties when you aren't home. Disco ball and tiny Santa hat not included.
OMG!! Before I make my next order I will need to work out a way to buy one of these INSANELY adorable robots! I have no idea why, but the idea of having a nerdbot that lives in my polish drawers just makes me giddy with excitement!

This set contains any EIGHT full sized bottles of your choice! Just go through her colour library and pick your eight! But be warned, narrowing it down to eight might be easier said than done!

NerdLacquer Boxed Mini Quad - $12.50
These are the sets I got. I ordered 3 sets and I already have my next 2 sets planned! Arent they so cute? And if you are like me and have as large a collection of polish as I do, I feel no need to get big bottles!

You get to choose any 4 polishes of your choice and get them in little 5ml bottles.

NerdLacquer Mini Color Library - $86.00

Now I am torn. I am not sure if I am upset that this was not available when I purchased or not. I mean, its a great idea, and a great deal. BUT.......... I know for a fact how many polishes are in the works from her, and so I would end up with so many that anyways didnt fit in this tin. But OMG!! How amazing a gift for the true polish lover? All 28 shades and a free mini seche vite! 

And before I go, here is a shot of her new holiday collection described as "HOLODAY Series : A trio of festive, icy pastels with tonal glitter and loads of holo sparkle!"

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  1. I feel like I need these colors in my life. They're so pretty!!!! It's like sparkly goodness! Different than most holiday collections, which is refreshing. So pastel and bright <3



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