Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finger Paints Special Effects

Now I don't usually post drugstore and the like brands here. But if its nail polish and it gets my attention, it gets my attention! I want need all of these! Does the thumb look like the lady gaga polish I just got today (yes, a Lady Gaga Polish review is en route!) yes. Does the index finger look like the nails inc set and the new Nfu Oh polish I just compaired? Also yes! And do I need all 5 of these still? YES!!! 

Special Effects will be in Sally Beauty stores in January! There are 5 effects to choose from. For the best results and most vivid effect, apply over black but you can try any color and see what you like best!!


  1. Finer paints is a 'drugstore' brand? Let me find out...I've been looking (Not too hard) for some! Which drugstores-cause I am loving this collection too!

  2. Finger Paints is an inexpensive brand you can find at Sally's Beauty Supply. I've never tried the brand, but sure intend too with this collection. Will have to phone my Sally's for a specific release date!



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