Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cult Nails LIMITED EDITION - Blackout & Tied Up

I love Cult Nails. I think I have made that really clear over the course of this blog. I am SOOO EXCITED to show you these beauties. These were limited edition polishes that came up for sale for Black Friday. They were limited to one per person. I was so stressed and worried in the days leading up to the sale as to how fast they would sell out and if I would be able to purchase them or not! But I did. So all is right in the world.

Black out is a dark blackened grey. Swatched, it looks like a faded, light, smoky black. I love it! As many greys as I have in my stash, this one is completely unique. It was a stunning gorgeous formula, applied smoothly and thinly. It was thinner than most but not runny and drippy. Just a perfect thin formula that made ti perfect at two coats.

Tied Up screamed out to me the minute I saw it. It totally and completely looked like Lippmanns I Know What Boys Like. I thought it was a dead on dupe. Apparently I am totally crazy. Once in better light, it is clearly blue and not a periwinkle. The formula on this one was not AS amazing as Blackout, but still very good and what I come to expect from Maria's polishes. In keeping with her polishes, this one too is a two coater!

I did pull out My Lippmann colour just to see HOW crazy I am. They are very similar, but the Lippmann is certainly purple tinged (as a true periwinkle) while Tied Up is a perfect blue crème.

As you can see, they are quite similar, but the Lippmann is about two shades darker, and is certainly a true periwinkle whereas the Cult Nails one is  a true blue.


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