Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Cosmetic Market Haul!

After posting my video of the Cosmetic Market I was asked again and again to show everyone what I got. I am quite proud of myself for getting such a small lot of stuff but am now kind of regretting it. I certainly have regrets for quite a few items I had talked myself out of!

First thing I got was John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam. I have used this a few times and so far I really like it. It gives volume without weighing down the hair. It retails for $9 at Walmart and for $3.99 I think it was a good deal!

Becca Sheer Stick Foundation is a tad too dark for me (stupid store lighting) but I think in the summer when I am a shade darker (I only get a shade darker and thats if I am lucky) it will work well. It retails for $34 and I got it for $8.99.

The last thing I got was this Bobbi Brown lipstick. My biggest complaint about the store are these security stickers they put on EVERYTHING. I was stunned that the Becca foundation didnt have it on it (though happily so) and at least on this lipstick it was easy to remove with some nail polish remover.

The shade is a pink coral with warm undertones but its a little more sheer than I had anticipated. That being said, I still like the colour and it feels great on the lips.


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