Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Butter London Bluecoat & Leccy Swatched

This was the Ice duo of the fire and ice sets Butter London came out with over the holidays. I picked this up on clearance on the companies American website for $10 so $5 a piece. Not bad since the set here was $40.

Bluecoat is a dark metallic blue with a monotone kind of shimmer in it. Hard to explain, but its like the shimmer is the exact same shade as the base making it very pretty and subtle. Almost a lit from within kind of look. Leccy has blue and copper flakies in a clear base that seem to flash silver.

Overall I really like these sets, appreciate that both are still available and am glad I picked them up!


  1. Holy *bleep* these look awesome. I do love BL polishes :-)

  2. I LOVELOVELOVE Bluecoat .. I got it as a christmas gift and fell in love ..i have to get the other duo



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