Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blush Mystery Box

So today is kind of a bizzare post. I am posting the contents of a box that is 10 months old. I guess I need to explain somethings. I was talking to the company in the end of August and had said I would love to review a box and share it with all my readers. I was being sent a past box, but that was fine with me. It should have arrived in early September and been only 7-8 weeks late. It never came and I thought little of it. In December the box came. I think it arrived the last week of November to be exact. The postmark was actually from August so I have no idea what happened, I assume it got lost and found at some stage of the shipping process. I kind of tossed the box to the side as I figured there was no point in showing a box that was now 5 months old. In January when I got back from IMATS I opened it, took pictures of it (gave my mom the nail polish that I already owned) and planned on posting it. But it was 6 months late and I talked myself out of it. Now its four months AFTER that and I am trying to clean out my folder of images for my blog and I come across these pictures. And I realize a few things.

  1. It really was a GREAT box and should be shown
  2. It was sent with the intent of my reviewing it and its not the brands fault that it got lost in transit for four months
  3. I started using one of the products recently and freaking love it!!
So here is the box. 

Now I am going to put away the disappointment time wise with this box because postal errors happen. And if I was a subscriber, I would have called up after a few weeks and I am sure the issue would have been rectified. And the value of this box was $148.83. I will note here that all prices are in USD and I am not using Canadian prices as this is a box only available in the USA.

Lumene Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance 24H Lotion – Value $20:

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color  – Value $19

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad Anti-Aging Exfoliating Self-Tanner – Value $18:

Now I must say I am glow in the dark and have no ability to tan whatsoever. One ill fated attempt at a tanning salon (which is so unhealthy and unnecessary and I am glad it failed and I never went back) where I got a total of 0% darker combined with my complete and total inability to go more than a shade darker than my natural casper white has taught me I lack the melanin in my skin to tan. But I have been terrified to try these for fear of turning into one of those orange or patchy people that are the butt of the jokes around self tanners. I think I may have to simply get over the fear and give these a go!

Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex SPF 15 – Value $50:

Bioelements Quick Refiner – .25 oz Value $3.83:

Emani Organic Lip Shine in Blush –  Value $16:

Philip B. Self Adjusting Hair Spray – Value $22:

And this is the product that I have started using that has led to my feeling guilty about not posting this review. Its great! Its a non aerosol spray which to be honest  was initially a turn off. I have always proffered aerosols to the other options out there. For the most part I find they don't spray as well, they seem stickier and they just don't work as well. I think most of that is because you don't get quite as fine a mist meaning you get more product concentrated on a smaller area. But on a recent trip I was packing and didn't feel comfortable packing aerosol bottles in my checked luggage. It just makes me nervous. I usually take a few travel sized aerosol hair products in my carry on, but didn't have the room this time. So I took this. And I love it! It gave good hold, didn't feel crunchy or sticky and just did the job!

And a few little extras:

Overall, the value of the box was fantastic. I would have been more than happy had I paid myself for it, and now that I am putting on my big girl panties and moving on from the 4 month delay in getting my box I am thinking that I really should purchase this box! Months and months later, the boxes are all still full of full sized products, always valued over $100 and in the last three months alone there has been full sized Oscar Blandi, Laura Geller, Jonathan, StriVectin, Peter Thomas Roth and Bioxidea.

This box costs $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one time purchase) and can be purchased HERE


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