Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Julep June Maven Swatches!

Boho Glam:
  • Natalia - Refined copper metallic 
  • Harlow- Golden dragonfly Iridescent chrome

On left: Natalia and Harlow (Boho Glam); on right: Harlow and Katerina (It Girl).


  • Colette - Poetic violet shimmer
  • Sera - Celestial fog iridescent chrome

On left: Colette and Sera (Bombshell); on right: Colette and Katerina (It Girl).

Classic With A Twist:

  • Ariana - Enchanted berry iridescent chrome 
  • Bergen Hazy blue-grey shimmer

On left: Ariana and Bergen (Classic with a Twist); on right: Bergen and Katerina (It Girl).

It Girl
  • Jennine - Full-coverage borealis blue stardust 
  • Phia - Alluring orchid irisdescent chrome
  • Savoy - Antique gold chrome

On left: Jennine, Phia, and Savoy (It Girl); on right: Savoy and Katerina (It Girl).

Katerina - Pixie multidimensional iridescent top coat

So what am I getting? The entire polish collection and the top coat!

What are you guys getting? Or are you skipping?

1 comment:

  1. I think I'd get them all if they were available over here lol! :-)



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