Thursday, May 15, 2014

Be Legendary Lip Glosses For Smashbox

A light and airy gloss with vibrant color and a glassy, non-sticky finish for a mirror-like shine. Inspired by photo gels found on set, Smashbox created this glassy gloss with a clear, hydrating base free of traditional heavy binders for a non-sticky finish. Then they infused the formula slowly with vibrant pigments using a careful mixing process for an ultrarefined pigmentation in which all of the gloss ingredients are perfectly dispersed. The result is a superlight, comfortable blend that you can hardly feel, but that still leaves a bold wash of gorgeous color—just like a photo gel.
These new lip glosses from Smashbox seem to be up and for sale already at Sephora. The price $20USD only becomes $23 in Canada, not bad since with the exchange rate you are paying basically the same price.

Has anyone tried these yet? Id love to hear your opinions! Or even if you have seen them, what did you like/dislike about them? I am ALWAYS on a hunt for a not sticky lipgloss. I have yet to find my can't live without version. If you know of any other not sticky glosses that don't have a very strong smell or taste, I will take ANY recommendations! 


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