Friday, May 16, 2014

Makeup Forever Aqua Shadows In 30E and 2E

I picked up these shadow pencils back on....... Good Friday I think. And they kind of sat.

I must say I love the shades. But aside from using as a thick liner, they are kind of useless. There is no using this as shadow.

Here are the swatches. First on the left and then when I tried to sheer them out on the right. As you can see they DON'T blend out.

It was way too much work just to get them blended this much. They are extremely dry and simply don't budge enough to blend if you aren't lightning quick with it. I am not that fast and they simply dry before I can even manage to start to work with them.

Have you had better experiences with these? I have two more to try out, so maybe its just these specific shades?


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