Thursday, May 22, 2014

Benefit Hydrating Lip Tints For Summer 2014 - Swatched

It's tinted love! The lip balms condition & hydrate with mango butter for the softest, sexiest lips. This sheer, buildable color can be worn on bare lips or over your favorite tint.
These are supposed to be lip balms with a subtle colour that can be worn alone or over the matching tints to provide extra gloss, moisture and to extend the wear of the tints.

I was going to pick up just one, but they had JUST come in and they had not yet gotten their testers. So how was I to choose which one I would like best? I figure since I couldn't the only LOGICAL thing to do was pick up all four! Makes sense, right? These came from Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique but are also available at Murale and Sephora now and all three stores have them for the same price - $22.

These are super moisturizing and comfortable on the lip. They are not sticky at all, and they apply smoothly and evenly. They give more colour than Maybelline Babylips and Loreal Color Riche Balms but less than Maybelline colour whispers. Its hard to compare them to lip butters because there is such a large range, though in general these are not a pigmented.

These are also heavily scented. With the most disgusting scent on the face of the earth. Rose! I FRICKEN HATE ROSE!!!! That being said, the scent doesn't linger and quickly dissipates. Thankfully! Otherwise these would not work for me.

I actually really really like these (benebalm being my fav) and aside from the scent, can't think of anything to fault these for! I even like the sturdy packaging. Its significant and doesn't feel cheap, the lids click shut so you know you closed it, and they do not show every fingerprint like some packaging does (I am looking at you NARS).

Posiebalm is the poppy pink colour. It is the lightest of the four shades.

Benebalm is the rose coloured balm. It is a bright blue based/cool red in the tube but applies as a very light cherry red.

Lollibalm is the candy-orchid shade. Its a purpley orchid shade in the tube and it applies as a kind of purpley pink.

Last of the four is Chachabalm which is the mango shade. It is a light orange.

From left to right is posiebalm, benebalm, lollibalm and chachabalm.


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