Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Julep Speckled For Spring Mystery Box

I purchased the speckled for spring mystery box with a coupon code for $14.99 about a month ago. With my travelling in NYC and Vegas, I was not home when it arrived and thus it was part of a big pile of to be dealt with items.

Now I just have to applaud Julep for having the new polish ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THE SAME COLOUR AS THE PROMO PIC!! It was a really nice surprise.

So as it turns out as like the last box, there were no bigger and smaller ones, no luck of the draw. There were three boxes. You got the one with the purple, the one with the blue speckled or one with neither. Here are what the BOXES turned out to be:

I would have liked max and the blue one and I should have bit the bullet and bought both boxes! Stupid me! Anyways, which box did you end up with if you got one? Which one would you have preferred? If you didn't order a box, does this make you wish you had or make you happy you avoided it? I'd love to hear!


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