Friday, May 9, 2014

Gosh Frosted Polish - New Shades!!

Back in October I showed you the three new Gosh poilshes that were called Frosted. Basically their version of the liquid sands. You can check out the post here. But here are the three shades, silver, gold and purple:

In fact, I instagrammed this photo yesterday (follow me on instagram here) of my wearing the frosted purple:

Well, there are more shades!!!!!!! I am super excited!

I am hoping the frosted coral is orange and not pink, and in that case I NEED NEED NEED THESE THREE:

So far I have seen the silver and gold shades repromoted along with a new light pink, but the rest of them I am still on the lookout for! If you find these new shades in Shoppers Drug Mart by you, let me know! NEED!


  1. You know these are readily available over here in Scotland but I've never tried them! Maybe I should.

    I only own 2 Gosh polishes - Holographic Hero and Purple Heart.

  2. I saw these a few days ago and thought of you!



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