Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Help Me Find A Shoe!!!

So this is the dress I ordered for my brothers wedding, but it will be navy and hemmed at the knee. 

I am looking for a nude or bone shoe. I am actually kind of happy/excited that my soon to be sister-in-law chose nude as I own a grand total of ZERO nude shoes. Its something that I know I should have in my wardrobe, but just don't. I do have a pair of nude sandals, these:

which you might recall from a blog a few summers ago. I got these for I think $25 down from $240 and I have worn them a few times. But that is it. Its funny, I bought three pair of wedges at the time (aug, 2012) and until the end of last summer wore none. But I pulled them out and have been wearing them a lot recently, including the black Modern Vintage Lucy wedges just this past weekend with one of the new dresses I got! 

Anyways, since I have no proper neutral shoes other than those wedges, I feel like I can splurge a little on the shoe. And since I will be on my feet for probably 8-10 hours, I need a good shoe! Cheap shoes have their place, but not for wearing for long periods of time! 

So far I have found the following that I like:

Salvatore Ferragamo Nilly Jelly Bow Ballerina Flat:

Sam Edelman Noah Hidden-Wedge Flat:

Ted Baker London Jemmee Flat

Mia Limited Edition Kane Sandal

Via Spiga Faina Wedge Pump

Kate Spade New York tock flat

I am kind of personally leaning towards the Kate Spade ones (which is odd because I HATE Kate Spade bags) or the first Ferragamo ones. The only issue is I worry jelly would be VERY uncomfortable. I remember jelly shoes as kids in the 80s and they would get hot and sticky and rub...... 

I would love your feedback and or other suggestions. Just keep in mind they have to ship to Canada!


And now, most importantly, PLEASE PLEASE choose which shoe!!

Which shoe should I choose for the wedding?
Kate Spade New York tock flat
Via Spiga Faina Wedge Pump
Mia Limited Edition Kane Sandal
Ted Baker London Jemmee Flat
Sam Edelman Noah Hidden-Wedge Flat
Salvatore Ferragamo Nilly Jelly Bow Ballerina Flat
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  1. I like the Salvatore Ferragamo ones, I think they'll go well with that dress. Though I think your own wedges would go well with it :-)



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