Saturday, May 31, 2014

Deborah Lippmann Mini Nail Polish Music Box

So since it seems like its all about Deborah Lippmann, I figured I would continue on that trend and post this. Allure Magazine posed this image a couple of weeks ago with the following message:
A sneak peek of @deborahlippmann's nail polish music box. A limited edition set of all new shades out in September to celebrate her brand's 15th anniversary#DLCelebrates15 #nailpolish

And then cassiepowney took to instagram to post some swatches!

And THEN........ philippapearne also took to instagram to post the swatches. These must have been taken at the same preview/store or whatever because its the same fan of swatches.


  1. They do look good. I wonder how much this would cost???? :-|

  2. That was my second thought, after OOoooooh, I love these!! :-)

  3. I am getting this! So pretty!



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