Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chantecaille Wild Horses Palette Review And Swatches

Ok, I LOVE Chantecaille, but seriously, what is this shit? I have read review after review of this palette, and am beyond stunned that no one has addressed the big elephant  horse in the room. Chantecaille totally cheaped out on this and it is not up to the companies past standards. I have quite a few of these charity palettes. NONE look like this.

A plastic palette? WHAT? When I am spending $100 on a palette ($83USD, $96 here) I do not expect a palette that is cheap plastic with a not so secure, no so straight label on it. And that is not because I got it at Winners. I passed on it in department store originally for this reason.

Then you open it and see this. Look above, it shows the blush where it should be in the top left corner. Of all the reviews of this palette I have seen, I have only seen 3 bloggers note that the colour positions were screwed up on the palette. A $100 palette, and they don't catch and fix that? The wells are also slightly larger than that of the metal palettes the past ones come in, so the pans dont quite fit in so perfectly. You can see the gap in the blush colour. So they kind of turn and move as you are using them.

Now the overlay on this one is slightly more than that of past ones, but the shadows are gorgeous as past palettes. But I do not expect THIS from the brand. NOT impressed Chantecaille. I want the luxe metal palettes back like my tiger, dolphin, turtle, classic, roses and other palettes. I simply expect more out of you. And you FAILED.


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