Monday, May 12, 2014

Bourjois Paris Smile Enhancing Gloss

So quite thankfully I got this product as part of a gift with purchase when purchasing other items from Bourjois Paris. I say thankfully because this item was used once and then I tossed it in the trash.

This is a two step product. A quite unremarkable lipgloss which is perfectly average. Not good, not bad, just there. Nothing that would make me want to grab it again, but nothing that would make me go "OMG this lipgloss is trash" It also comes with a tooth whitening gel. And that tooth gel is why this product is currently sitting in my trash can.

And the evil evil whitening gel. Now to be fair I should first explain my teeth. My teeth are missing some rather important layer of enamel (I should no better exactly what it is, but that would involve listening to the dentist when I see him). This causes me no pain or problems other than the fact that my teeth stain much easier than that of the typical person and I have rather coffee stained teeth (diet coke, not coffee, but same result) pretty much always. Each time I go the dentist they tell me they arent likely going to get them white, and then they do. And then we repeat the process.

But yes, anyways, very hard to keep clean teeth, yet not sensitive at all. Crest whitestrips are my BFF and even the stronger ones that bother or hurt others seem to have no unpleasant affects on me. I have actually NEVER had tooth pain from any product before. So you can imagine my surprise when within seconds of putting this product on it started to burn so much I was near tears. No matter how hard I tried to wipe off the residue from the product (not that there was much, I put on a very small amount) my teeth ached for the afternoon. At $21 for this product I would have been REALLY upset and probably taken it back had it been purchased.

So for anyone who has ANY sensitivities at all, I would stay as far away from this as possible. And even if you dont have any sensitivities, maybe try on a tiny spot on one tooth if you came away from this review thinking "I must try this product!!"

1 comment:

  1. I can use this one without pain and it does make my teeth look whiter :)
    Though Crest WhiteStrips hurt me D:



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