Saturday, May 10, 2014

Laura Mercier Laura's Secret Volume 6

I picked this up at Sephora a few weeks back. I wasn't going to. I have been having a complete and total love affair with all things Laura Mercier lately. Seriously have loved her products. But I tend to stubbornly refuse to pay for deluxe sample sized items unless its a FANTASTIC FANTASTIC deal, and not being the biggest lipgloss fan, I chose to stay away from this set. But a signage error at our Sephora had this listed at $35 dollars, only $3 more than full sized lipstick on its own, and loving the other lipsticks I have from Laura Mercier, I used this as my excuse to pick up the set.

The set included a full sized Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Antique Pink, a half sized Plumberry liner, and a mini Lip Glace in Blush.

Now, to be honest, I LOVE the lipstick, like the gloss and don't really like the liner. As someone who has a terribly hard time applying lipliner without looking like a clown, I have realized I need a very soft (think urban decay 24/7 pencil softness) textured pencil and I think that the mechanical ones seem to just work better for me. I have not yet really tried it out much, so I will try to reserve judgement though.

The colours are not an exact match but work well together. An outlined heart in the liner, a heart made of the gloss and both underlined by the super creamy super moisturizing lipstick that wears horribly on me (half an hour) but feels great and looks good and I will continue to wear!

And here is the lipstick in the lipliner:

And here is the above with the gloss overtop:

I actually think I like the lipstick better with the gloss over top, and thankfully the gloss is not at all sticky! Yay for not sticky glosses!

While this set is no longer on the Sephora website, it was still in store this week at my local store, so if the set interests you, it might not be too late. It retails for $45 Canadian.


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