Monday, May 26, 2014

Diorshow Fusion Mono Shadows in Lune & Chimere

This is just going to be some quick swatches of Chimere and Lune. I was super excited to try these as I was hoping they would be similar to the Chanel Illusions D'Ombres (is that how you spell them?!), but these two really aren't.

Now let me start by saying that while I KNOW that I bitch non stop about stupid little useless brushes and how companies should really not even bother, these come with one that is actually not too bad.

Its super teeny, but it folds up so you can keep the sponge tip brush clean and its surprisingly good/useful to use to transfer the product.

But........... look how sparkly these shades are. The fall out isnt bad, but they are complete glitter bombs and far too much for me to use. Sigh...... I really should try to find a way to make these work for me, but they are just sooooooooo glittery!

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