Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shoes - TAKE Two!

So, it seems the Ferragamo shoes are not an option. Not available in Canada at all. The overwhelming response to what shoes to wear with the dress was these though:

The sales associate however had another suggestion. These (the ones in the middle). Also Kate Spade, they are a pale gold, not nude. Now while my sister in law to be has said that its neutral enough, I was kind of embracing the excuse to buy a pair of nude shoes. But I do like them........

Some more shots:

Kate Spade Tuck flats:

Kate Spade Josse flat in gold :

Both are reasonably priced and in the budget easily, but I dont know. So I did what any sane, lucid girl would do and ordered both. Not really ordered, I asked them to transfer them to the store in my city. We dont have shoes or clothes at our one store, but the private shoppers in the back will bring anything in that we want.

Then, for the rehersal dinner, I am thinking of these Tory Burch Carolines in black. If comfortable, I know I will get a TON of wear out of them!


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