Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Custom Made Bite Lipstick - Swatched!

So for those of you who saw my visit to the Bite Beauty Lab and saw me get a lipstick custom made specifically for me, I have the swatches to show you! If you didn't see them make it or how they make it and you want to, here is a video!

And here is the lipstick. They actually used the lipstick to fill in the lips on the package, so that IS the shade that was made for me!

As you can see, it was made with 1 part shiraz pigment, 2 parts cincin pigment, 2 parts mulberry pigment and 4 parts rose pigment. It is mango scented (so subtle I can barely smell it) and I chose the matte finish (which really isn't that matte!

Haha! I just noticed this! I guess the ingredients were all made in Canada, because the lipstick itself was made in Soho in NYC!


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