Friday, May 23, 2014

New Gosh Lip Lacquer - Swatched!

I saw these and I was quite intrigued. I am not sure its the most practical though. I woudn't want to carry around a glass bottle of polish all day in my bag, and this is a glass bottle of equally pigmented liquidy thick goo that could do seriously damage to a beloved bag! But they are interesting and seriously pigmented!

Here is a bottle next to nail polish from Gosh (Gosh polishes are 8mls) to give you a sense of the size. They are bigger than the Oh My Gosh polishes, but smaller than the regular one shown below.

They come in 8 Shades 001 Innocent Lips, 002 Lovely Lips , 003 Sweet Lips, 004 Flirty Lips, 005 Crispy Lips, 006 Funky Lips, 007 Hot Lips and 008 Dangerous Lips:


  1. the red ones look really nice :-)

  2. Reminds me of a Chanel gloss that I have. Seems to have the same texture.

  3. That bright fuchsia pink is pretty



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