Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Textured Polishes From Urban Outiftters

I saw these polishes at Urban Outifitters and immediately had to have them all. They are called beaded polishes and my assumption is that they are meant to have the caviar look with one step.

The names are rather bland being blue beaded, fucshia beaded, dark purple beaded and silver beaded. BUT......... ok, to start with, isnt fuchsia spelled that way? with the h before the s?And its a dark purple, its not a fuchsia colour. And the dark purple is a light purple shade! So yeah, not feeling the misspelled names at all.

Now as for the formula, its TERRIBLE. This "fucshia" one is the worst. Its a thick goopy mess that applies terribly. It applies patchy and when you try to smooth it out it just pulls and drags. The dry time was terrible and it was a BITCH to take off. I mean, picture a problematic Lippmann glitter polish, and then multiply that by 4 and you have the impossibility of removal that these are.

The texture itself is pretty though. Take the new feather polishes and replace the micro bar glitter with micro round glitter and you have the texture. The look I love, though I am unlikely to EVER wear these again!

Each one of these polishes is swatched with only one coat on the left, and three coats on the right.

The following two are a little thinner and the formula not as bad as the above two but still not at all good.


  1. These look really nice and a bit different. Shame about the quality and removal. Yeah Lippmann glitters are a bit of a pain lol!

  2. So weird, I got these too, only at Urban Outfitters about 6 months ago. Same bottle and all (which is the standard UO bottle, so its weird AA adopted this bottle style instead of sticking with their usual tall rectangle). Anyway - weird. I have yet to use mine so not looking forward to it now knowing the formula is whack.

    1. No, you are right. I don't even know why I wrote AA. The bottles say Urban Outfitters and they are FROM Urban Outfitters. A blonde moment I don't even know HOW I had.



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